Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Course Title: Artificial Intelligence in Marketing: Mastering AI-Driven Content Creation

Instructor: Bobby Guions, Digital Marketing Expert

Course Description:

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, staying ahead means harnessing the latest technologies to create compelling, innovative content that captures audience attention and drives engagement. “Artificial Intelligence in Marketing: Mastering AI-Driven Content Creation,” crafted by renowned digital marketer Bobby Guions, is a comprehensive course designed to equip marketers, content creators, and enthusiasts with the skills and knowledge to leverage artificial intelligence in their digital marketing strategies.

Through a series of in-depth modules, participants will explore a variety of AI tools and platforms that are reshaping the marketing landscape. From generating dynamic social media content to designing visually stunning graphics and creating engaging AI avatars, this course offers a hands-on approach to mastering AI content creation. Bobby Guions brings his extensive experience and insights into the practical applications of AI in marketing, providing learners with the tools to innovate and excel in their marketing efforts.


1. Creating Content Using ChatGPT for Social Media: Dive into the world of AI-driven content creation with ChatGPT. This module teaches you how to craft engaging and relevant content for social media platforms, optimizing ChatGPT’s capabilities to streamline your content creation process and enhance your social media strategy.

2. Creating Content With Canva AI: Unleash your creativity with Canva AI, a user-friendly graphic design tool. Learn how to create professional, eye-catching graphics for various marketing materials, including social media posts, banners, and more, with no prior design experience required.

3. Creating Content with MidJourney AI: Explore the innovative MidJourney AI to generate unique, captivating visual content. This module covers the practical use of MidJourney AI in creating visuals that resonate with your audience, setting your brand apart in the digital space.

4. Creating AI Avatars: Understand the process of designing and implementing AI avatars into your marketing strategies. This section focuses on the creation of AI avatars to personalize user experiences, enhance customer engagement, and build a distinctive brand identity.

5. Other AI Tools: Expand your AI toolkit with an overview of additional AI tools and platforms that can elevate your marketing content. Discover new technologies and learn how to integrate various AI solutions into your marketing campaigns for increased efficiency and impact.

Course Highlights:

  • Hands-on projects and real-world applications
  • Step-by-step guides on using each AI tool
  • Strategies for integrating AI into your marketing efforts
  • Insights from Bobby Guions’ extensive experience in digital marketing

Embark on this journey to revolutionize your content creation process with AI and unlock new possibilities in digital marketing. Whether you’re looking to enhance your skillset or transform your marketing strategy, this course offers the knowledge and tools needed to succeed in the dynamic world of AI-driven marketing.